Retail Products

We have everything you need to enhance your rehabilitation at home and prevent future injury!


Part of our commitment to providing our patients with the best care is to offer the following items for use away from our clinic. Some products are identical to the equipment that our physiotherapists use, and other items are high-quality products that will enhance your rehabilitation. Discuss purchasing these items with your therapist.

Everything below is available at our reception desk.

Braces and stabilizers

Dyna Track™ Patella Stabilizer $95.00
GII Knee Braces $150.00
Gripper Hinged Knee Brace $90.00
Patella Strap $25.00
Ankle Stabilizer $60.00
Back Support $65.00
Pregnancy Belt $65.00
SI Belt – Compressor $50.00
Home Traction Unit – neck $25.00


Icing and compression equipment

Polar Care® Cold Therapy unit $350.00
Above with one compression sleeve $415.00
Polar Care® extra sleeve $65.00
Polar Care® rentals $25.00 / week
Cold pack $26.00



Kinesio® Tape $20.00
Leukotape® $15.00
Cover-Roll® $9.00
Athletic Tape $3.00
Pro-Wrap $2.00

Exercise equipment

Exercise ball – 75 cm $60.00
Exercise ball – 65 cm $55.00
Exercise ball – 55 cm $50.00
Thera-band® Handball $12.00
Yamuna Ball $16.00
Extra Small Handball $5.00
Thera-band® Flex Bar $31.00
Shoulder Pulleys $20.00
Fitter Sit Fit – 13 in. $50.00
Fitter Sit Fit – 15 in. $60.00
Shepherds Hook $13.00


Foam rolls

3 feet length, round diameter $40.00
1 ½ foot length, round diameter $20.00
1 foot length round diameter $13.00
3 feet length, ½ round diameter $20.00
Trigger Point Grid Roller $50.00
Trigger Point Massage Ball $26.99
Trigger Point Quadroller $65.99
Trigger Point Ultimate Six Kit $154.99

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