Exercise Programs

We offer a variety of different exercise programs to help you get back to what matters!

Rehabilitative exercise programs

LVOSP physiotherapists tailor every exercise in a patient’s customized program to the patient’s sport or occupation as well as to their rehabilitative needs. Such programs focus on strength, muscular endurance, balance, flexibility, proprioception, and cardiovascular performance. Your physiotherapist will explain the rationale and proper form, and will be able to monitor your performance in the on-site, state-of-the-art gym facility.

Kinesiologist-supervised exercise programs

Every patient who uses our fully equipped, on-site gym to perform rehabilitation exercises benefits from the supervision of a full-time kinesiologist. This exercise specialist is highly trained in exercise techniques and works in conjunction with LVOSP physiotherapists to ensure that each patient performs their custom-designed exercises safely, correctly, and to full benefit. LVOSP has made this investment so that our patients heal and recover as efficiently as possible.

Physiotec™ exercise software with pictures and video

This web-based health and fitness software is a secure, user-friendly way for patients to perform their rehabilitation exercises efficiently and safely at home, at the office, or on the road. We provide this service at no cost so that LVOSP patients unable to come to our clinic can perform their rehabilitation exercises consistently and correctly. No matter where a patient is, support is only a click away. Over 5,000 exercises are demonstrated in drawings, photos, or by video.

Hard core strength

Many high-profile professional athletes have followed the Hard Core Strength (HCS) program to rehabilitate back and pelvic conditions as well as to prevent injuries and improve athletic performance. Developed by Vancouver physiotherapist Alex McKechnie, the HCS program has been used worldwide for well over a decade and has unmatched results due to the detailed education and instruction patients receive integrating the HCS exercises with their specific sport and/or injury.

Ultraslide ®

Ultraslide® is excellent cross-training for any athlete participating in sports involving lateral movement such as hockey, soccer, rugby, football, tennis and basketball. On special plastic boards as wide as eight feet, athletes execute lateral, gliding motions wearing slide socks that facilitate the side-to-side movement and also improve traction for safety. Working out on the Ultraslide® aerobically or anaerobically is excellent cross-training for hockey players, and also benefits anyone recovering from injuries to the hamstrings, the adductors, or the quadriceps.

Core retraining

Core retraining focuses on the deep muscles of the torso that are important for proper stability, movement, and back health. Patients re-learn how to use these muscles properly through progressively more challenging exercises and functional activities. When retraining is complete, patients can move to exercises to strengthen these muscles so that pain and re-injury do not occur. Core retraining is necessary when pain or injury cause core muscles to activate at the wrong time or in an incorrect sequence. Left untreated, these conditions can contribute to worsening pain, increasing loss of function, and may lead to other injuries.

Muscle imbalance treatments

Treating muscle imbalances improves movement, flexibility, and overall balance and strength. Muscle imbalance is a condition in which overdeveloped and tight muscles in one area compensate for opposing muscles that are underdeveloped and stretched. The result can be pain or limited movement as well as complications in other areas of the body. Treatment includes a detailed assessment to identify involved muscles followed by therapy and exercises directed at stretching the overdeveloped muscles and strengthening the weaker muscles.


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