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Game Ready™ cryotherapy

Game Ready™ cryotherapy uses spacesuit technology to provide improved healing and tissue recovery compared to traditional icing and compression. The result for patients is the fastest possible recovery from acute or chronic soft-tissue trauma due injury or surgery. Game Ready™ wraps have separate internal chambers that automatically apply periods of compression and cooling to any area of the body simultaneously. Pressure, temperature, and duration are controlled using a computerized control unit.

Hard core strength

Many high-profile professional athletes have followed the Hard Core Strength (HCS) program to rehabilitate back and pelvic conditions as well as to prevent injuries and improve athletic performance. Developed by Vancouver physiotherapist Alex McKechnie, the HCS program has been used worldwide for well over a decade and has unmatched results due to the detailed education and instruction patients receive integrating the HCS exercises with their specific sport and/or injury.

Kinesio® taping

Kinesio® taping uses a latex-free, stretchable tape that does not restrict circulation, limit motion, or inhibit healing. In contrast to conventional taping methods that immobilize a joint and require removal of the tape immediately after activity, Kinesio® tape can be left in place for three to five days. Kinesio® taping has the ability to re-educate the neuromuscular system, reduce pain, enhance performance, prevent injury, and promote circulation and healing.

Custom knee braces

Patients wearing a custom-fitted knee brace during activity benefit from improved control of forces acting on the knee and better restriction of potentially harmful movements. Also, because the knee is continually in action, even when sitting, a custom-fitted brace provides advantages in comfort and performance during daily activities as well. Custom braces protect the joint before or after reconstructive surgery, facilitate recovery from surgery or trauma, and prevent further damage once the patient returns to normal activities. They also relieve pain associated with unicompartmental (one-sided) osteoarthritis. We make precise measurements so that our custom-fitted knee braces provide unsurpassed fit, quality and performance.

Athletic taping

Taping is suitable for athletes with acute and chronic ligament and/or tendon injuries. Taping protects against further injury and allows an earlier return to activity. Also, all our physiotherapists are experienced in the McConnell taping method used to re-educate muscle balance and restore normal movement patterns.


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